We are Directive.

A team of creatives, marketing savants, and technical specialists
who love helping in-house teams excel in competitive niches.

Built to serve B2B
& enterprise.

Every agency has a “proven process” but only we clearly connect the dots between your search marketing and revenue growth.

So whether you need to generate marketing qualified leads or help your whole brand (not just your website) get discovered in search…

Directive is here for you.

The little differences that have a big
impact on your bottom line.

Short-term ROI setting the stage
for long-term sustainability.

We break tasks into weekly sprints, monthly analysis reports, and quarterly strategy reviews.

You get to see your ROI increase week after week, as the KPIs you care about continue to climb, all with a speed of execution that would give other agencies whiplash.

Trackable and attributable results.

Every opportunity we chase is part of a larger plan for success, built upon your internal objectives, a deep understanding of your target audience, and rigorous A/B testing.

As a result, you get more SERP visibility, higher conversions, and a lower cost per opportunity—plus a dashboard that shows you how every penny spent is used to grow your business.

Mission control for all of your
search marketing, on call 24/7.

Your account is assigned a small army of experts: account manager, PPC and SEO specialists, data analyst, and designer.

That team is always working for you behind the scenes—and they’re equipped with the best software in the industry—so every one of your campaigns turns into a success story.

Meet our team. All in-house.
All pulling for you.

Our team is comprised of people from all walks of life-every one of them in-house and a specialist in their field.

Garrett Mehrguth

Garrett Mehrguth is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Directive, a leading B2B and enterprise search marketing agency headquartered in Irvine, California. Mehrguth, fascinated by the role search marketing plays in empowering companies and people to connect, has dedicated the past five years toward that passion.

Since its establishment in 2014, Mehrguth has led Directive in its expansion of three global offices in LA, NYC, and London; increased year over year growth rate by 300%; spearheaded the growth and diversity of its team; and now boasts a team of 50 people over 9 nationalities from their HQ and home of operations. Additionally, he is committed to bridging the gender gap that plagues the marketing technology; currently, 25% of Directive’s leadership team is comprised of women.

As a thought leader, Garrett has been published by Salesforce, Marketing Land, Moz, CrazyEgg, Search Engine Land, Kissmetrics, Inbound, Ahrefs, Convince & Convert, SitePoint, Wordstream, PPChero, and more. He also speaks at Digital Summit, State of Search, Big Digital, General Assembly, MozCon, 3XE Digital, etc

He earned a bachelor’s degree, with honors, from Azusa Pacific University and an MBA. Outside of work, when he’s not writing or reading up on digital marketing and the latest trends, Garrett spends his time indulging in his passion for the ocean, sailing, and fishing with his wife.

Tanner Shaffer

Tanner Shaffer is the co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Directive. Tanner, fascinated by the role search marketing plays in empowering companies and people to connect, has dedicated the past four years toward that passion.

Tanner is extremely driven and thrives off of hitting client goals. From SEO to PPC to account management, he has refined each deliverable to provide more value in an ever-changing industry. Currently, he leads a group of directors who are continually inspiring a team of talented marketers to innovate their craft. With a 205% growth rate in company size, he is fixated on filling the company with people that have integrity and aspire to be great.

Tanner began his professional career by earning a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Azusa Pacific University. When he is not in meetings and working through excel sheets, he enjoys surfing, dirt-biking, and growing his relationship with God, his loving wife, and family.

Brady Cramm
Director of PPC

Brady Cramm began his journey at Directive in 2015 as the first and original PPC specialist. With a previous background in paid advertisement in the medical device space, he was able to hit the ground running with innovative campaigns. After wearing many hats in the agency, Brady has come full circle and now heads up the PPC department. By keeping a pulse on client competition and assisting his team in the art of crafting no-brainer CTAs, Brady has been able to add his personal touch to every client that enters Directive’s portfolio.

Outside of work, you can find Brady reminding people that he wants to get a dog and drinking far too much nitro cold brew.

Olivia Ross
Director of CRO

Bringing more than 8 years of experience in graphic design and conversion rate optimization to the table, Director of CRO at Directive, Olivia Ross, knows how to make people say “yes” and increase her clients’ conversion rates. Olivia has managed large teams in the execution of various landing page and website tests that have successfully increased conversions for more than 175 clients. Where there is a “will,” Olivia will find a “way” to make sure your landing pages are optimized to succeed.

When Olivia is not optimizing everything around her, you can find her watching films, playing video games with friends, or trying out new and delicious restaurants.

Jesse Seilhan
Director of Client Services

Jesse Seilhan is the Director of Client Services at Directive. He wakes up every day to help his team grow, his clients succeed, and be home in time for dinner. Since joining the team in 2017, he has helped Directive expand, define, and perfect the role of an Account Manager at a digital agency, which now boasts a team of over a dozen account managers that help achieve growth and sustainability for nearly 100 clients.

Jesse started down his digital marketing journey in 2014, running all SEO & PPC projects for a boutique digital agency in Orange County. He studied Journalism at California State University, Chico and turned that passion into a project, as he regularly reviews, photographs, and interviews some of the top recording artists in the world. When he’s not working or at a concert, he’s watching the Philadelphia Flyers, playing video games, or taking a trip around the country with his girlfriend.

Hannah Mans
Director of Marketing

A professional hustler and wordsmith with an affinity for strategy and high conversion rates, Hannah manages the internal marketing team at Directive.

On a mission to change the world, Hannah began her career with the United Nations where she functioned as a communications consultant for the World Food Programme. She then pivoted into the marketing technology space, where she has spent the last 4 years.

Hannah’s passion for people and travel lead her to pursue a Bachelors of Science in International Affairs from Florida State University in 2012. She continued her academic career obtaining a Masters of Business Administration from Florida International University in 2015 where she graduated with honors, in between and shortly after crossing 12 countries off her bucket list of the world.

A Panama native new to California, Hannah enjoys spending her free time exploring her new home of Orange County and playing beach volleyball with her roommates.

Andy Monte
Director of SEO

Andy Monte is the Director of SEO and is passionate about creating a world-class SEO team to help clients capture more leads through their organic channels. Since joining the team in 2017, he has helped shape the department and created a culture of learning, growth, and innovation.

Andy started his journey as a web developer, and after diving more into the analytical side of SEO, wanted to learn more about how he could leverage his technical knowledge with the creative aspect of digital marketing.

Outside of work, you can find Andy checking out new restaurants, playing music, or just traveling around the U.S.

Andrew Choco
Account Executive

Andrew Choco began his career at Directive as a paid social specialist running campaign promotions and advertising for multiple clients. Later, he moved into a sales role, performing PPC and SEO audits for prospective clients. From there, he jumped straight into the account manager role, where he led strategy for enterprise clients including Cisco, Allstate, SentinelOne, and ClearCompany.

After a year and a half working directly on the client side, Andrew moved back into a sales position. He’s passionate about finding opportunities for growth in any B2B business he gets a chance to audit.

When he’s not busy on intro calls or building out proposals, Andrew loves discovering new music, following the downfall of all Seattle sports teams (are the MLB playoffs even a thing anymore?), and looking at pictures/videos of corgis.

Miranda Alzaiem
Lead SEO

At Directive, Miranda Alzaiem has moved up from position to position starting off as a PR/link building specialist to now becoming the lead SEO. In her role, Miranda runs the entire SEO department by managing incoming projects, conducting weekly trainings, and supporting team members build out strategies for their clients to increase organic traffic and leads.

Outside of making the SEO department the best place to be, Miranda loves to discover new places to eat, read novels, bake the best cookies in the world (watch out Mrs. Fields), and stay busy to ensure she lives life with zero regrets!

Josh Nelson
Lead PPC

Josh Nelson is a Lead PPC at Directive. His interest in marketing began in college where he became fascinated with the intersection of human psychology and marketing. Josh started his digital marketing career as a social media administrator at one of the world’s leading wine and spirits companies where he worked with iconic beer brands like Corona Extra, Modelo, and Pacifico.

Josh took his talents to Directive, doing both SEO and PPC, but eventually gravitated toward just PPC because the blend of creativity and analytics was a perfect fit for him. As a lead PPC, Josh enjoys overseeing PPC strategy process for clients, from the initial planning stages all the way to evaluating campaign performance. He also works closely with the director of PPC to improve processes and efficiency of the department.

When Josh is not optimizing everything around him, you can find him playing video games, enjoying a craft beer, or spending time outdoors hiking or camping.

Davit Aleksanyan
Account Manager

Davit began his career at Directive as a PPC specialist, where he helped clients increase marketing performance across all channels of paid search/social. Shortly after, Davit transitioned to his current role of account manager, where he leads strategy for clients and builds bulletproof relationships.

Davit’s education in marketing and economics (Bachelor of Science from the University of Nevada, Reno), and background in sales and business development make him an unstoppable force for achieving digital growth and sustainability.

Outside of work, Davit enjoys testing creativity with cinematography, traveling the world, playing soccer, and spending time with his family and friends.

Grace Pan
CRO Designer

Grace Pan is a CRO designer at Directive. After graduating from Biola University with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts in 2016, Grace continued to pursue learning how to cohesively integrate design and business.

Through different touchpoints, Grace discovered CRO design and became even more absorbed in understanding the human psychology behind how customers and businesses interact with other businesses.

Combining her print and digital design knowledge and experience, Grace now serves both Directive and its clients to create impactful designs by applying top-of-the-line CRO practices, overall increasing conversions and exceeding their business goals.

Outside of work, you can find Grace attending concerts, watching her favorite artists talking about their work, obsessing over good food, and traveling to do missions work in Japan. In summary, she enjoys creating and being around others who are also passionate about their creative pursuits in life.

Anh Dang
Lead PPC

Anh Dang is a San Francisco native who enjoys nothing more than practicing her magic at the Directive School of B2B Marketing Wizardry. Despite having graduated UCI with a degree in PharmSci, Anh knew that it was not something she wanted to pursue. After a trial run in the digital marketing space as an analyst for a start-up agency, she knew she was headed in the right direction.

After landing her initial role as a PPC specialist at Directive,  Anh emerged even further into the world of paid advertising. Her renewed passion and drive, paired with a never-ending curiosity, led her to her current role as a PPC lead. She strives to drive impactful results for her clients every day through creative strategies, “big picture” thinking, and a customer-first approach.

When she’s not busy making data-driven decisions and A/B split testing, Anh enjoys traveling, practicing aerial silks/hoop, drinking boba, or simply enjoying new experiences.

Soroosh Nikaein
Data Analyst

Specialized in marketing analytics, Soroosh Nikaein brings his CRM modeling, data modeling, dashboard design, API programming, and multiple programming languages to Directive. Each day, Soroosh provides accurate and useful dashboards for executives and ensures they have the data they need to hit goals and improve ROI. Soroosh enjoys finding different ways to design proprietary technology to constantly stay ahead of the curve and increase efficiency in all of his daily tasks.

Soroosh graduated from Cal State Fullerton in 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and information systems. Beyond undergrad, he is pursuing a masters degree in statistics to solidify his dream of designing machine learning technologies.

Jason Rankin
Account Manager

Jason Rankin was born to run campaigns and make people laugh. He never gets sick of seeing new lead notifications pop in his inbox for his clients or working strategically with his teams to be on point. Overall, he strives to push his teams to be the best they can be.

Since joining Directive, he’s become the only member of the tri-department department- which is famous for being a member of the SEO, PPC, and account management teams…all at the same time.

Before Directive, Jason earned his B.A. in business from Vanguard University and a M.S. in management and organizations, with honors, from the University of Colorado at Denver. When not at the office, Jason enjoys hanging with his four little rockstars (kids not bandmates). He also enjoys kicking the dust off his boots at country music concerts or surfing con los primos down in Mexico.

Brian Bui
Senior Account Manager

Brian Bui is a senior account manager at Directive. Brian began his career as a PPC
specialist where he developed a devotion to building innovative ROI-driven campaigns. He then jumped into account management where he was able to work directly with clients and various team members to deliver results.

Brian’s favorite part about digital marketing is the constant push to be better each and every day. He’s grateful he’s able to work alongside some of the top companies and marketers in the world and is fascinated with the solutions his clients’ products are able to provide.

Overall, Brian’s mission is to overcome as many challenges as possible to discover how to effectively grow any type of business. Outside of work, he enjoys golfing with his co-workers, dancing, and watching movies.

Hadassah Pegado
SEO Specialist

Born in Brazil, yet raised in California and New York, Hadassah Pegado’s parents constantly instilled in her heart that the key to success is to stay humble, be thankful, and remember where you came from. As a digital marketing professional, this has inspired her daily routine.

Hadassah’s passion for digital marketing started right after she graduated from college in San Francisco and worked at a website company. There, she learned how to maintain websites for clients and the very basics of SEO. From that point, she realized she wanted to expand her knowledge in the industry. After getting some experience, she began her career as an SEO Specialist at Directive. She works hard to find top-of-the-line strategies and tactics to exceed her clients’ organic traffic and conversions.

In her free time, you can catch Hadassah spending time with her fiance, friends, and family; hiking; listening to music; watching movies and HBO shows; and just living life to the absolute fullest.

Sam Becker-Miyadai
Account Manager

Raised in Ohio and Japan, Sam is a proud half-japanese dude of many experiences in international taste-testing, foodie explorations, volunteer work, and digital marketing.

After graduating from Biola University with a degree in business marketing, Sam started his career at Directive after freelance marketing work and helping part-time on an organic farm. Sam is a utility player and has filled a variety of roles at Directive, where he started off as an SEO specialist. He quickly moved to the PPC department and then hopped and skipped into outbound sales next. He didn’t stop there as he pivoted to assisting the CRO design team and finally landed with the account management team, which he currently calls home.

Beyond his role at Directive, you can catch him outside surfing on his new orange longboard named Tang, making friends at local farmers markets, or volunteering with the non-profit, Harvest Craft, to help design and implement sustainable food production systems for under-resourced communities. Interesting fact, Sam is the unofficial “plant dad” in the office with his desk full of plants. Ask Jordan, his fellow account manager desk neighbor, about the plant encroaching on his desk space.

Rhett Hartsfield
Account Manager

Rhett Hartsfield is a data-driven digital marketing professional with over eight years of experience defining strategies that generate leads, building online awareness, and increasing conversions. Over time, Rhett has gained valuable experience working with ad agencies, startups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Prior to fully diving into digital marketing, Rhett worked for various sport broadcast networks including ESPN, Fox Sports, MLB Network, and NFL Network, to produce live televised events for California sports teams (NFL Chargers, NBA Lakers, NBA Clippers, MLB Dodgers, NHL Kings).

When Rhett isn’t immersed in analytics, optimizing conversions or crafting digital strategies with his team, you can find him exploring Southern California, flying drones, and spending time with family and friends.

Steven Tiritilli
Account Manager

Steven Tiritilli began his SEO and PPC career in 2014, working amongst numerous agencies as a freelance expert in digital marketing. Steven has developed his expertise with Directive to provide transparent reporting, team-oriented strategies, and results for B2B companies. He is passionate about working with the talented individuals at Directive to provide clients with the opportunity to grow and excel in their industry.

Outside of work, Steven enjoys traveling the world and experiencing outdoor adventures such as cliff diving, camping, and mountain hiking. He also loves long walks on the beach, drinking piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain.

Sarah Drake
Sales Development Representative

Sarah Drake is a sales development representative for Directive. She received her degree in business administration with an emphasis in marketing from California State University – Fullerton. Upon graduation, Sarah continued work in the food service industry to fund her dream of traveling the world. After eating her way through Europe and beyond, she was ready to move forward her professional career.

With past expertise in professional sales and a passion for digital marketing, Sarah knew the sales development position at Directive would be the perfect mix of the two.

When Sarah isn’t slaying the phones and crushing quotas, she’s throwing down in the kitchen, giving Gordon Ramsay a run for his money.

Sunny Mohan
Sr. SEO Specialist

Sunny Mohan joined Directive at the beginning of 2018, immediately after graduating from San Francisco State University with a degree in business finance. While in college, he had started a basketball app with his friend and spearheaded all marketing operations in order to drive users to the app. Through guerilla marketing and basic SEO tactics, Sunny found his passion to help drive user growth.

After leaving his basketball app, Sunny went on to join an eCommerce startup in San Francisco where he was able to gather more knowledge on SEO and execute marketing strategies to help increase conversions to the site. Gaining that experience allowed him to join the wonderful team at Directive as an SEO Specialist. Sunny helps with the technical and on-page audits of incoming projects as well as developing strategies for his own clients to increase organic traffic and leads.

Outside of the office, Sunny is usually watching NBA games or finding the next trendy dessert spot in Orange County,

Vanessa Charette
SEO Specialist

Vanessa Charette began her digital marketing career at ESG School of Management as a team captain in the 2016 “Google Online Marketing Challenge” – where she grabbed her spot in the top 10 winners in the entire North American continent. As a winner, she got her first taste for embracing online digital challenges and wanted to take on more.

Vanessa was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, where she eventually graduated university with a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing. In 2018, she relocated to Orange County, California, where she began her career with Directive as an SEO. Her favorite aspect of her roll is finding groundbreaking strategies that help drive results for her clients. She enjoys knowing the “why” behind every strategy she takes on and possesses a deep love for crafting and perfecting different forms of content.

Outside of the office, you can find Vanessa speaking French, planning her next trip around the world, tasting her way through wine country, or taking pictures of everything and anything.

Kevin Merkel
CRO Designer

As a CRO Designer, Kevin Merkel is able to meld his professional background in graphic design and customer relationship management to provide clients with an experience that is, not only aesthetically pleasing, but also highly effective in their space.

Kevin’s love for analytics paired with user experience allows him to understand the consumer’s journey and evolve a client’s design to better improve conversion rates. Beyond building landing pages, Kevin is a avid problem solver and team player who truly loves to see his fellow coworkers succeed.

When he’s not designing, you can most likely find Kevin scouring youtube for the latest hip-hop album reviews, eating pasta, exploring a new city with his wife, or playing Counter Strike with his buds.

Robin Ching
Account Manager

Robin Ching is a digital marketer by day, hip-hop choreographer by night. With his artistic mindset stemming from dance, he first got a taste of digital marketing through designing and building websites. Over time, he found himself being an avid reader of SEO, social media and PPC blogs.

After working freelance for a short period, he found himself at Directive. As an SEO specialist, he lead strategy in growing clients’ organic traffic and conversions and eventually moved to his current role as an account manager.

Outside of work and dance, you can find Robin playing basketball at a local park, at a trendy coffee shop reading a book, or at home watching the TV show FRIENDS for the 10th time.

Cassie Wiley
SEO Specialist

Cassie began her career in digital marketing after graduating from the University of Arkansas and eventually took her talents to Directive as a PPC specialist. Through this position she gained knowledge and expertise it took to propel her clients to the next level within pay-per-click advertising. During her time in this position she was able to help clients reach their goals by increasing conversion volume and decreasing CPA across multiple platforms.

From there, Cassie was driven to increase marketing performance through CRO and keyword research. She then moved to her current position as a SEO specialist where she helps clients get the most bang for their buck on the organic side of marketing. In this position and in future endeavors, she hopes to continue to expand her knowledge within the entire digital marketing industry, learning as much as she can along the way.

Outside of work, Cassie spends her free time watching Arkansas football, dominating the court in volleyball, and spending as much quality time as possible with dogs and friends.

Jordan Matsunaga
Lead of Client Services

Jordan began his digital marketing career as a paid search specialist, but his passion for constant improvement and guiding strategy led him down his next path as an account manager, where he focused on building strong relationships with his clients and delivering even stronger results.

Today, as the lead of client services, Jordan works closely with the director of client services to improve the processes and efficiency of the department and training of new account managers, taking Directive and the world of search marketing to the next level.

When not in the office, you can find Jordan playing hockey or doing nature walks with his dog, Miki.

Athena Pham
PPC Specialist

Athena Pham began her experience in digital marketing as a freelancer during her third year as a psychology student. During that time she worked with leading retailers, restaurant powerhouses, influencers, and local small businesses, which allowed her to create personalized marketing plans to break through those competitive markets.

Athena quickly realized she wanted to pursue digital marketing as a career and took a leap of faith and left formal education to take her freelancing skills to the next level. She found a home at Directive and took her skill set to the next level. At Directive, she thrives as a PPC specialist and creates tangible ways to help her clients increase conversion rates.

As an inquisitive individual, Athena naturally enjoys finding new ways to resolve technical/functional issues her clients may be facing. In her free time, she enjoys singing, traveling, doing acro-yoga, eating hot cheeto-everything, and on occasions making the best charcuterie boards for her favorite people.

Christina Rattanasith
SEO Specialist

Christina Rattanasith began her professional career as an intern doing digital marketing for various franchises while in college. This internship allowed her to explore the web and the world of graphic design, where she discovered her true passion.

After graduating from California State University – San Marcos with a degree in business marketing, Christina decided to pursue a new role in the tech industry. She moved to Irvine, California to help thousands of clients, doing website maintenance. That job helped open a new door that led her to Directive working as a SEO specialist. Currently, Christina has dove into the deep end of search marketing, helping her clients tackle their goals and increase conversions daily.

During her free time, Christina enjoys hanging with her 3 dogs, listening to music, and attending concerts. Occasionally, she’ll make time to draw either by pencil and paper, or even digitally! Her artwork is inspired by her grandfather who taught her how to draw at a young age.

Jim Nguyen
Account Manager

Jim developed a love for marketing at a young age watching Nike commercials that featured his favorite sports athletes. He turned this love into a marketing degree from the California State University of Fullerton. Jim combined his love of marketing and technology by pursuing a career in digital marketing and eventually starting a role at Directive as an SEO Specialist. In this role Jim enjoyed the creative aspects of marketing as well as the technical aspects that go into SEO. With his new found passion for developing strategies he transitioned into account management where he is able to work with his own team and help guide and implement strategies to help his clients surpass their company goals.

When Jim is not working to please his clients he enjoys spending time with his family, playing basketball, watching movies/tv/anime and listening to podcasts.

Ashton Meisner
Media Relations and Marketing Manager

As a communication professional in the space since 2011, Ashton Meisner has extensive experience working in public relations with agencies in Arizona and California and also with Adidas. Additionally, she’s held positions in community relations with the Arizona Diamondbacks and in marketing and broadcasting with the Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago White Sox, to name a few.

Currently, Ashton is the media relations and marketing manager at Directive. When Ashton is away from her day job, she spends her time teaching yoga, cheering on the ASU Sun Devils and drinking numerous cups of coffee.

Trenton Lee
PPC Specialist

Trenton Lee is a PPC specialist at Directive. He discovered his devotion for marketing in college, where he held multiple marketing internships with the Denver Broncos and Colorado University – Boulder Athletics (Go Buffs!). After working in sports marketing for some time, Trenton switched up his path to test the waters in the digital side of marketing. Today, he shares his strategic skills improving Directive’s clients’ growth and cutting down their CPAs in the most efficient ways.

Trenton graduated from the University of Colorado – Boulder in May of 2018 with a degree in advertising and a minor in business analytics. Outside of work, he enjoys playing golf at the various courses in Orange County and watching his favorite hometown sports teams.

JD Rinehart
SEO Specialist

James Rinehart (or JD as he is known by basically everyone) is a SEO specialist at Directive. After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in nutrition, he decided to switch course and tackle a career in sales and marketing instead of continuing on to nursing school.

JD found his love for SEO and all things digital marketing after starting with Directive in September 2017. He appreciates how SEO requires proficiency in both technical abilities and creative marketing skills to be effective. Additionally, he likes how It’s a unique field where you get to think about both sales, psychology and necessary tactics a company needs to implement so their site shows up when searched. JD is passionate about learning and is grateful he gets to work with such an talented and optimistic team everyday.

In his spare time, JD enjoys reading nonfiction, meditating with the app Headspace (445 days in a row and counting), bowling on the weekends, and watching and listening to all things stand up comedy. However, his absolute favorite thing to do is spend time with his 2 cats.


Patrick Sakai
PPC Specialist

Patrick Sakai is a PPC specialist at Directive. After graduating from UC San Diego with a degree in economics, he was initially interested in a career in finance, before learning about PPC advertising. The combination of creativity and analyzing data in the field really appealed to him, as he got his initial experience managing the PPC account for a local non-profit.

Patrick enjoys learning as much as he can about the field of PPC to find new ways to get impactful results for his clients. When not working, he enjoys photography, playing basketball and fly fishing.

Mike Salvador
Senior PPC Specialist

Studying economics in college, Mike Salvador continued to build his strengths in analyzing data by getting started in agency work. Today, he uses his experiences and love for data as a senior PPC specialist making data driven decisions to exceed client goals daily.

Mike formulates groundbreaking and creative strategies to crush his clients’ competition in the ad space and genuinely just loves what he does and the people he works with.

When Mike is not at his desk grinding to make the most of his work day, you can find him enjoying a friendly game of basketball at the courts in Orange County or engaging his peers in conversation about the bigger questions in life.

Max Serrato
PPC Specialist

It all began in 92’. Though curious since birth, Max Serrato found his passion in marketing at Cal State University – Fullerton, and was driven to find new ways to reach the right audience, with the right message, at the right time.

After getting experience in the digital world running an e-commerce business and dipping his toes in marketing at an ad agency in the food service industry, he began his work at Directive. He works hard to discover creative, out-of-the-box strategies to increase lead volume and slash CPA, overall exceeding client goals.

In his free time, Max enjoys watching the San Jose Sharks, listening to music, playing guitar, and petting as many dogs as he can find.

Shaleen Shah
Senior SEO Specialist

Shaleen Shah began his SEO career as an intern where he learned the basic elements of SEO. During his tenure there, he realized that a lot goes on behind the scenes every time a website appears in Google.

Fascinated by the intricacies, he expressed interest in working full-time at the same company where he spearheaded all SEO initiatives. From there, he went on to work for a massive SEO company where he expanded on the knowledge he gained initially. The success he saw there led him to become one of the most reliable Content Marketing Managers.

Still, Shaleen felt that he wasn’t able to fully expand his wings until he found his true calling at Directive. Here, he hits client goals out of the park with data-driven CRO tests, creates intent-based content, optimizes landing pages, and formulates strategies that shatter client’s expectations.

In his free time, Shaleen enjoys a challenging round of chess, and dabbles in Single Malts & Cognacs.

Blake Smart
Account Manager

After becoming hooked on Season 1 of Mad Men, Blake Smart knew his career would take him to the world of marketing. Equipped with a degree in marketing along with an MBA from Cal Baptist University, Blake began his career at Directive as an SEO Specialist at the ripe ole’ age of 22.

Since then, Blake has learned the ins and outs of SEO, successfully turned 23, and has taken his skill-set to account management. As an account manager, Blake is simultaneously guiding and executing strategies in order to get the best results possible, not just for his clients but for himself as well. Through successful communication, time management, and an assortment of “Dad Jokes,” Blake makes sure each client has a one-of-a-kind experience that exceeds their goals overall.

Outside of work, you can find Blake running around Huntington Beach, trying new foods, and STILL talking about the Philadelphia Eagles miraculous 2017 Super Bowl run.

Jonathan Verstegen
Account Executive

Jonathan Verstegen has been in sales for a large portion of his life. As a pre-teen hungry for adventure, he joined forces with his brother and crafted a plan to earn money for his first mountain bike. No questions asked, he hustled and earned that mountain bike he wanted.

Aside from sales, Jonathan followed his passion for helping others by attaining a license as an occupational therapy assistant in the state of California. He has practiced in pediatrics, home health, and skilled nursing settings.

Jonathan was reunited with his sales career in 2018, as he, along with his colleagues, seek to develop a consistent, repeatable model for sales development at Directive. Jonathan is motivated by competition and the never-ending pursuit of personal development.

“With a customer-first attitude, the team communicates efficiently, responsively, and promptly. Having a range of industry expertise, they’ve established themselves as a valuable partner.”

John Palmer
Digital Marketing Specialist

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